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Microblading   3-3.5   hours

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that uses a disposable, handheld tool with microfine needles. The tool is then used to etch 3D strokes that resemble hair. It gives a very natural appearance, and most people won't even know you have it done! It is best for normal-to-dry skin types and lasts 12-18 months. If you are a minimalist who rarely wears makeup, this is the perfect technique for you! 

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Ombre/Powder Brows   3-3.5 hours

The ombre powder brow is the latest trend that uses a motorized machine to create a soft, makeup brow look. It can be buildable from light to dark, making it perfect for people that want a natural OR bold look. It is good for all skin types and lasts 12-24 months. If you regularly fill in your brows with pencil or shadow, this style is best for you.

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Hybrid/Combo Brows  3-3.5 hours

Do you love the naturalness of microblading and the convenience of powder brows? This procedure gives you both! It is more defined than microblading, but less intense than powder brows. It's suited for all skin types and lasts 12-24 months. 

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