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Lash Lift + Tint  1 Hour

A lash lift and tint is designed to enhance the natural beauty of your own eyelashes. During the appointment we use a rod and a semi permanent solution to lift and curl the lashes for a more open-eyed look. We then apply a tint that will darken and define the lashes. You can say goodbye to your eyelash curler with this low maintenance treatment.

Lash Lift: Lasts 6-8 weeks

Tint: Lasts 4-6 weeks

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Classic Full Set   2 hours

The classic full set is one singular extension applied to one individual lash. It will give you the appearance as though you are wearing mascara, without the clumpiness that mascara can bring. This method will give you some length and slight thickness, but the end result is dependent on how many natural lashes you have. If you're the kinda gal that throws on a little bit of mascara and is out the door, this is the set for you!

Fills: 2-3 weeks, 60 mins
3+ weeks is a new full set

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Volume Full Set   2.5 hours

Volume is the most popular and requested look. It is a fan made up of 4-6 very thin extensions placed on one natural lash. Because each fan is handmade during the service, it requires more skill and time. It can range from natural to a bold strip lash look. The extensions tend to last longer than classic because they are lighter. If you regularly wear eye makeup or strip lashes, this set is for you! 

Fills: 2-3 weeks, 60 mins
Extended Fills: 3-4 weeks, 90 mins
4+ weeks is a new full set

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Hybrid Full Set   2 hours

Can't decide if classic or volume is for you? Now you can have them both! The combined technique gives you a bit of fullness with volume, but is still natural like classic. One hour is spent doing classic and the second hour consists of doing volume. This creates the perfect blend. If you are unsure if you want to fully commit to volume, this is the method for you.

Fills: 2-3 weeks 60 mins
Extended Fills: 3-4 weeks 90 mins
4+ weeks is a new full set

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Mega Volume Full Set 3 hours

The queen of all lash sets. If you find yourself wearing the thickest strip lashes on the market, this is the style for you! Like volume, a fan is placed on each natural lash, but the fan consists of 12-15 extensions. You'll never have to wear eyeliner or mascara, because this will give you the fullest lash line you can imagine. This look is not suitable for all lash types. If your lashes are thin or brittle, you are not a candidate.

Fills: 3-4 weeks, 120 mins
Transition Fill: Required if you don't currently have mega on, 180 mins

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